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Astrology lunar wall calendar, maybe it is already there on the wall in your home and you may have not yet noticed anything about it. Many people often write things as a reminder on it but that also have shifted to the mobile phones these days. But no matter how essential mobile phones becomes an important part of our life and no matter how many things it replaces, lunar and Astrology lunar calendar will always be going to stay as a neutral item in our lives.

A calendar may look like a simplest device in your house with some numbers on paper but the history it holds more than just simple. The first solar calendar dates back to the ancient Egyptians era. The calendar was much similar to the modern one with 12 months but with 30 days each of that. It was totally based on just sun. Whereas, Roman calendar was only of 304 days which were divided into 10 months. Another one known as Julian calendar also came up with 365 days in 46 BC. Moreover, one extra day was also there for leap year in Julian calendar but was not able sync properly with the seasons and so it was replaced by Gregorian calendar in 1582.

Calendars are meant to be synched with seasons. Where a lunar calendar is based on motion of the Moon, solar calendar is based on sun. There are some calendars which relies with Venus too. Calendar based on Venus are primarily used by the population living near equator. There are many calendars which are not based on external forces and there are some calendars which are based two different calendars too; i.e., calendars used in North America are mixture of Jewish and Gregorian calendars.

There have been many changes in calendars over the years as a calendar has never been perfect. There have been many suggestions of adding 52 weeks in a year and adding 13 months to a year also. The demand of making these changes haven’t been so public yet and so the present calendar is going to stay for years for now. Another reason is that general public doesn’t care much about the planetary synching and they only use calendar to verify seasons changes.

Calendars and changes in this world have been walking together from centuries. No matter what device or technology comes, calendar will always play an essential role in human life.

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